President</br>Takashi Zaizen

Takashi Zaizen
Continuing flight of success from Japan to the world

We have always taken a firm hold of every challenge

The diversity in the economic situation today makes us think in order to judge and act correctly. Economy and knowledge are two strong factors on which the 38 years of abundant foundation or our company is based. We always try to keep a positive outlook towards challenges, we work with passion and sincerity. The needs of the customer are fulfilled keeping in mind all of these factors.

Machines that are sold by us always undergo full inspection by our veteran staff members. Because of the cooperation of the associated company The Kunisaki Transportation Inc., a lot of time and cost on transportation is saved and we can make sure that the machines are delivered to port on time.


We are looking forward to selling our construction machines to the countries of the world.

Making Fukuoka port and Osaka port as the centers for International trading ports, we ship construction machines to our foreign customers to their respective countries. Every person feels proud when his country develops in various aspects and fields. This pride is a great motivation for a new customer.

We have been in the business of Construction Machinery selling, renting, leasing and repairing for over fourty years.